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04/06/1992Police may charge UNC student in teen's death 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
10/27/2003DPS continues accident probe 3  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
...Letter: DTH story on accident involving public safety vehicle, student overly graphic 9  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
05/10/1961Injured Coed's Condition Grave 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
06/16/2011Man crashes on campus 6  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
12/01/2009Highway curve often a crash site 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
09/24/1929Four Students hurt in wreck near Salisbury 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
03/29/2012Crash blocks Franklin Street for hours 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
04/06/1930University men receive injuries in bad collision 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
08/18/2007UNC student dies in Union County accident 3  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
04/30/1930Editorial: For Safety's sake 2  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
05/04/1930Student killed and three hurt in motor wreck 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
01/15/2008John Edwards' daughter hit by drunk driver in Chapel Hill 3  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
09/03/2008UNC students hit by drunk tennis player heal in Asheville 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
10/28/2008Bus hits woman on South Columbia 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
11/17/2008Car crash kills high school football player 3  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
03/03/2014Dental student dies in motorcycle accident 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
03/05/2015DPS investigating Cobb crash 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE
04/10/2015Friends remember twins' special bond 1  ACCIDENTS, AUTOMOBILE