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10/26/1989Departments deciding whether to include 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
02/26/1990Council acts on (minors) proposals 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
02/18/2000Minors decision pending 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
11/09/1989Business school set to propose minor 5  ACADEMIC MINORS
02/28/1990Editorial: Students work wonders... 10  ACADEMIC MINORS
08/31/1990Departments set curricula...programs 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
01/25/1989Editorial: Minors: a major improvement 8  ACADEMIC MINORS
01/24/1989Academic minor option proposed 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
03/17/2003Students propose new minor (Asian-American) 5  ACADEMIC MINORS
11/10/1989Vary nationwide 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
02/23/1990Faculty Council to decide on minor 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
02/06/1989Op.Ed: Minors give students flexibility 11  ACADEMIC MINORS
02/28/1990Minor details vary between departments 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
09/28/1989Proposal for minors goes to departments 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
11/21/1989Minor garners support 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
01/25/1990Time may be near for... 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
04/16/2004Celebration marks new sexuality minor 3  ACADEMIC MINORS
09/21/2004Groups celebrate new Latino minor 3  ACADEMIC MINORS
11/21/2011UNC adds education minor 3  ACADEMIC MINORS
12/04/2012Sports business minor to come 3  ACADEMIC MINORS
02/13/2013Thorp approves dance minor 3  ACADEMIC MINORS
10/29/2008UNC considers dance minor 6  ACADEMIC MINORS
02/05/2014Dance minor put on hold 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
02/18/2014UNC to roll out a studio art minor in the fall 1  ACADEMIC MINORS
...Ed: Dance minor blues 8  ACADEMIC MINORS
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