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08/26/2002Legislators React to BOG Vote 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM RESOLUTION
10/17/1968Academic Freedom Becomes Collegiate Rallying Point 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM RESOLUTION
11/13/1962McWilliams, Kirk to debate academic freedom tonight 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM RESOLUTION
10/30/1968Academic Freedom Suffers By Anti-Riot Amendment 2  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
08/24/2004Reaching for resolution 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
09/10/2004Editorial: Closing the book 8  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
09/27/2004Editorial: Closing the book 13  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
09/30/2004Students, academia shrug off lawsuits 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
...Faculty aim to maintain class debate 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
11/16/1967Academic Freedom No Concern Of Scott's 2  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
09/26/1962Academic Freedom Is Not Dead Here 2  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
11/13/1962McWilliams, Kirk to debate academic freedom tonight 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
...Ed: How much freedom 2  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
01/09/1963Ed: University friendship: Heavens, Mr. Helms 2  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
01/11/1963Academic freedom Yale prof's topic 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
01/15/1963Ed: Meaning of Chapel Hill 2  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
02/05/1963Woodward says 2 movements collide 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
02/24/1963Chicago U. will permit Nazi to talk 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
03/27/1963Letter: Academic Freedom, For The Right Only? 2  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
12/15/1963Letter: Useless? (Book bans) 2  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
01/08/1963Must explore all areas of learning at UNC - Friday 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
...'Gag Law' causes U.S. physics group to postpone meet 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
...Reds can speak at N.Y. schools 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
02/13/1963Academic Freedom Applies to sit-ins 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
03/19/1963Lowenstein hits 'nonsense-logic' 1  ACADEMIC FREEDOM
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