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03/27/2001Display sparks controversy 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
06/05/2003Rudolph pleads innocent in attack 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
11/24/2003Letter: Argument opposing abortion flawed 7  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
10/21/2004Campus groups face off 3  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
...Abortion panels don't budge 9  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
01/21/2011Ed: Protect abortion in NC 10  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
08/25/2011NC abortion law sparks controversy 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
08/31/2010Ed: Explain abortion money 10  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
08/23/2010Students able to opt out of abortion benefit 3  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
11/24/2009County residents debate public abortion funding 4  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
01/23/2012Debate rages on 40 years after Roe 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
02/25/2013Abortion coverage up in the air in NC 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
03/21/2013Bill may cause abortion clinics statewide to close 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
04/23/2013State could further limit access to abortion 4  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
07/04/2013Abortion sex ed bill waiting for McCrory 3  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
07/11/2013Local officials eye abortion bill 3  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
07/18/2013Abortion bill battles heat up 3  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
08/20/2013Abortion law to tighten regulations 14  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
02/19/2008Professor's remarks draw fire 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
...Debate on controversial issues is necessary in class (letter) 8  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
10/23/2008Exhibit draws heated response 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
10/24/2008Photos remain controversial 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
04/01/2014Demonstration Sparks Outcry 1  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
04/02/2014Students protest anti-abortion display 11  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
04/06/2015Ed: Put women's health first 5  ABORTION CONTROVERSY
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