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02/04/1982Students hold rally..protest abortions 1  ABORTION
09/16/1980Groups to take part in campaign 1  ABORTION
09/17/1980Pro-choicers foresee loss 1  ABORTION
03/11/1971Abortion reform needed: EDITORIAL 10  ABORTION
07/12/1990Editorial:Irresponsible rhetoric... 10  ABORTION
10/01/1990Pro-choicers attack opponents (letter) 8  ABORTION
04/03/1989Readers Forum/Focus: Abortion (letters) 10  ABORTION
10/01/1990Should not be Gantt/Helms issue(letter) 8  ABORTION
11/15/1994Challenge yourself before decicing on abortion debate [letter] 8  ABORTION
10/04/1989Forum to address abortion, rulings 3  ABORTION
01/21/1983Legalized abortion survivids 1st decade 1  ABORTION
01/19/1982Abortion battle (letters) 4  ABORTION
04/13/1989Protesters convicted 1  ABORTION
01/31/1983Abortion letters -- pro & con 6  ABORTION
03/31/1989Experts face off in abortion debate 1  ABORTION
09/13/1989Focus: On abourtion--(Graphs, tables) 5  ABORTION
03/30/1979Procedure observed, recounted 1  ABORTION
10/19/1989Pro-life' protesters actions (letter) 14  ABORTION
04/26/1979Abortion clinics:Many factors play role 9  ABORTION
03/30/1989Abortion issue receiving..attention 3  ABORTION
04/04/1989Editorial: Aborting women's options 8  ABORTION
09/25/1980OP.ED.: Pro-lifers 6  ABORTION
11/10/1982Procedure is quick,...patient's future 5  ABORTION
02/24/1989Activist advocates abortion rights 1  ABORTION
10/11/1978NC abortions double in 5 years 1  ABORTION
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