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11/02/1995The Great '80s 5  1980S
12/05/1997New bar to cater only to members 5  23 STEPS [BAR]
03/22/1999BOG Taps Renick to Fill Chancellor Post at A&T 5  A&T UNIVERSITY
10/26/1993APPLES gives volunteers hands-on learning 5  A.P.P.L.E.S
09/13/1989Focus: On abourtion--(Graphs, tables) 5  ABORTION
11/10/1982Procedure is quick,...patient's future 5  ABORTION
04/06/2015Ed: Put women's health first 5  ABORTION
05/29/2008Advising to see big changes 5  ACADEMIC ADVISING, UNC
11/16/1974Student explains academic (letter) 5  ACADEMIC AFFAIRS
04/11/2012Conference will examine liberal arts 5  ACADEMIC FORUM
01/31/1990Focus: Making major decisions..(graphs) 5  ACADEMIC MAJORS
09/20/2010Customized majors are difficult to create 5  ACADEMIC MAJORS
02/26/2013UNC to roll out Central European studies in fall 5  ACADEMIC MAJORS
11/09/1989Business school set to propose minor 5  ACADEMIC MINORS
03/17/2003Students propose new minor (Asian-American) 5  ACADEMIC MINORS
11/01/2010Improvement sought for athlete grad rates 5  ACADEMICS AND ATHLETES
09/14/1990ACC extends invite to FSU 5  ACC
10/11/2013North Carolina volleyball team to test streak against Duke 5  ACC
10/31/2014At ACC Basketball Media Day, the Tar Heels were picked to finish second 5  ACC BASKETBALL
02/21/2003Nepali artist shars with visitors to Ackland 5  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
04/18/1991Ackland storytelling program welcomes 5  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
10/24/1994Faculty Exhibit current explorations 5  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
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