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08/27/1979Women paid less in health affairs 4A  AMERICAN ASSOC. OF UNIV. PROFESSORS (AAUP)
08/30/19907 dorms to get influx of cool air 4a  AIR CONDITIONED DORMS
08/22/1994Medical Professor to Head Heart Association 4A  AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION
08/19/1997Scientists determine identity of structure 4A  ARCHAEOLOGY SITES, UNC
08/22/2000ATN Offers Support, Advice to New Users 4a  ATN
08/21/1995New internal auditor is selected bringing 6-month search to a close 4A  AUDITORS, UNC
04/14/1994American professor to present "photographic journey across America" 4A  BECKMAN, RICHARD
08/17/1998BOG approves business school tuition hike 4A  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
08/30/1990UNC construction to remain prominent 4a  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
08/19/1991Higher course pack prices anticipated 4a  COURSE PACKS
08/24/1992Losing defendant in discrimination suit leaves UNC 4a  DEVITTO, JOHN
08/22/1986Lines drawn on divestment issue 4a  DIVESTMENT
08/26/1974DTH past varied 4a  THE DAILY TAR HEEL (DTH)
...Semi-literates can graduate from... 4a  EDUCATION, SCHOOL OF
08/30/19907 dorms to get influx of cool air 4a  EVERETT DORMITORY
08/06/1981Opens in fall after some delay 4a  FETZGER GYMNASIUM (FG)
07/19/1984Dining to be delicious 4a  FOOD SERVICES
...Lenoir Hall..1st class renovations 4a  FOOD SERVICES
08/17/1998Game's move could hurt business 4A  FOOTBALL, UNC VS NCSU
06/25/1998Renovations to provide new market 4A  FOSTER'S MARKET
08/21/1995UNC professor helps set NEH agenda, policies 4A  GLESS, DARRYL
04/24/1986Frat part violence not widespread 4a  GREEK LETTER SOCIETIES
08/22/1991Stricter town noise ordinance, nuisance clause 4a  GREEK LETTER SOCIETIES
08/19/1997Rushees register, DJs nixed to strictly enforce dry rush 4A  GREEK LETTER SOCIETIES
08/24/1978Greek atmosphere. . .sorority sign-up 4a  GREEK LETTER SOCIETIES
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