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08/22/1994Thompson Chosen Interim VP for Academic Affairs 3A  ACADEMIC AFFAIRS, UNC SYSTEM
09/12/1985Exhibit shows what those who teach... 3a  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
09/04/1985Offer something for aesthetes, novices 3a  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
08/24/1994Ackland gets new director 3a  ACKLAND ART MUSEUM
08/24/1978UNC deans decide to return to classroom 3a  ADAMS, JOHN B.
08/25/2003Despite 3 hirings, UNC leadership still has gaps 3A  ADMINISTRATION, UNC
08/22/1991Replacements needed for 7 positions 3a  ADMINISTRATORS, UNC
08/25/2003Admission suit awaits ruling 3A  ADMISSION POLICY
08/22/1986Enrollment at a glance (table) 3a  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
08/25/2003Admission suit awaits ruling 3A  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC
04/06/2000UNC delays deadline for advising awards 3a  ADVISING AWARDS
08/17/1998Study: black students get special treatment 3A  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
12/03/1993AIDS education mixes tupperware, condoms 3a  AIDS WEEK
08/19/1996DA: New Policy to cut underage drinking w/ fake IDs 3a  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
08/19/1997Students support, question 'Don't Get Wasted' cause 3A  ALCOHOL USE, ABUSE
09/21/2004Service corps trains teachers 3A  AMERICORPS
08/25/2003Quorum troubles plague group 3A  ASG BUDGETING
08/27/1990Athletes may face mandatory drug tests 3a  ATHLETES (UNC)
08/21/1995ACC: League may admit sub-qualifiers 3A  ATHLETES, ACC
08/18/1997Nike, school ink deal for $7.1 million 3A  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
08/06/1981Tuition increases, fees upped 3a  ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
06/22/1995New internal auditor to be announced soon 3a  AUDITORS, UNC
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