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06/26/1997Chancellor concludes tour of state 1  100 COUNTY TOUR
10/25/1972By-pass plans hit 1  15-501/54 BY-PASS
02/22/1999Officials Outline First-Year Initiative 1  1ST YEAR INITIATIVE PROGRAM
11/19/1991Room assignment changed...first-hear students 1  1ST YEAR STUDENTS
07/12/1990Fox declares album obscene 1  2 LIVE CREW
07/19/1990Durham record store to fight ban... 1  2 LIVE CREW
04/21/20034 bars mihgt have to install sprinklers 1  23 STEPS [BAR]
02/14/2012Lack of rape alerts draws complaints 1  24 HOUR RAPE-FREE ZONE, UNC
03/23/1989Library to extend 24-hour schedule 1  24 HOUR STUDY AREA
04/24/1989Study for exams all night 1  24 HOUR STUDY AREA
02/06/198924-hour study sites, students-UL,UNION 1  24 HOUR STUDY AREA
11/14/1988Survey discloses students want... 1  24 HOUR STUDY AREA
10/28/1988All-night study area in works 1  24 HOUR STUDY AREA
10/01/1985SBP Wallace seeks; feasibility in doubt 1  24 HOUR U-BUS
03/15/19946 dorms slated for 24-hour visitation 1  24 HOUR VISITATION
09/23/1970Two Houses Stick To 7-24 Policy 1  24 HOUR VISITATION
02/14/1970SL Okays Courts Bill, Table 24-Hr. Visitation 1  24 HOUR VISITATION
11/06/1992Poll shows women, men split on lockup 1  24-HOUR LOCKUP
10/28/1992Committee decides to maintain dorm lockup 1  24-HOUR LOCKUP
10/26/1992Officials to discuss future of lockup 1  24-HOUR LOCKUP
01/11/1995NCAA to debate 30-day rule 1  30 DAY RULE
02/02/1998360 contract radiates problems for staff 1  360 CELLULAR
11/14/1997Company pledges money to BCC 1  360 COMMUNICATIONS
02/03/1998UNC puts 360 negotiations on hold after staffers complain 1  360 COMMUNICATIONS
01/29/2001Bill fights 3rd party prejudice 1  3RD PARTIES, N. C.
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