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08/24/1978UNC battles prof's lawsuit 4a  LAW, SCHOOL OF
...UNC deans decide to return to classroom 3a  LENSING, GEORGE
...Mixed-drink friends, foes. . .showdown 1a  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
...Student crime: CHPD reports decrease 1d  POLICE ROUNDUP (VARIOUS ISSUES) (CAMPUS CRIME)
...Study confirms housing shortage 1d  HOUSING
...Liquor option raises opinions 1e  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
...Mixed-drink friends, foes..showdown 1a  ALCOHOL USE
...Bus passes: No discounts for students 8a  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
...Aid office suffers fund shortage 1a  STUDENT AID
...Wilson provides wide selection 2d  LIBRARIES, UNC
...CGC ruling remanded to lower court 8a  STUDENT GOVERNMENT (SG)
...Honors programs offered 10a  HONORS PROGRAM
...Law school replies to bias suit 1a  LAW, SCHOOL OF
...Danger increases..beginning of semester 4d  SEE SAFE ESCORT (RAPE)
...University to foot bill for bus routes 1a  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
...Factions clash as referendums approach 9a  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
...Libraries have extensive resources. . . 2d  LIBRARIES, UNC
...Revised Honor Code in effect 7d  HONOR CODE
...SG plans bigger role 7e  STUDENT GOVERNMENT (SG)
...Changes to improve system announced 1d  STUDENT ADVISING
...UNC professor confirmed as judge 5a  PHILLIPS, J. DICKSON
...UNC deans decide to return to classroom 3a  ADAMS, JOHN B.
...Bus system marred..history of potholes 1e  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
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