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The Daily Tar Heel

The DTH Headline Archive is an index of the headlines in the Daily Tar Heel continuously from September 1959 through April 30, 2015.

Staff have also indexed DTH headlines for the following inclusive years – 1894-97; 1915-1918; 1929-1930; September 1941-October 1942; 1949-1950.

A search will give you the date of the issue, the headline title, the page number and the subjects assigned to the article. (1000 results max).

NOTE: The Full-Text of articles is not available through the index, but can be found through either of the following links:
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This Day in DTH History
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How to Search

The Archive is searchable by either keyword(s) or by date(s).

A browsing index is also available by scrolling down on the search page, selecting a letter of the alphabet and selecting the Thesaurus term drop down menu.

Each headline includes the date of the issue, the headline title, the page number where the article appeared and subject (thesaurus) headings.

On the results screen, every term in the headline results is searchable. Do not click on the headline unless you are attempting a keyword search for a term included in the headline. The search will be conducted on the term that is selected.

About the Archive Scope of Index:

The scope of the index is simply to include as complete a listing of campus and town issues as reasonable. Subjects will be as direct and specific as possible. For example, coverage of Board of Governors and Trustees meetings; stories on race relations; University personnel and staff issues; faculty news, promotions, awards; and all of the newsworthy occurrences and events within the news gathering reach of the Daily Tar Heel will be included. Sporting events will be indexed only when conference or national titles are at stake, or when particular issues in sports (academics, graduation rates, changes in conference, etc.) are the content of the stories. The index does not include international or national news that would otherwise be covered by a larger newspaper.

Editorials, Editorial Cartoons, Letters to the Editor, and Commentary:

The index includes editorials, letters and commentary that cover campus issues, events and personalities. In the "headline" section of the results screen editorials are noted by the word Editorial: followed by the headline. Commentary is noted by the term Op.Ed.: before the headline. The word (letter) in parentheses, or the word Letter: followed by the headline indicates that the item is from a letter to the editor. Starting in Spring 2004, editorial cartoons covering campus and town events or occurrences are indexed. The cartoons are noted by the term Editorial cartoon: followed a brief description of the topic (no editorial cartoons are indexed prior to Spring 2004).

Use of Personal Names:

Personal names of student officers, University officials, notable speakers and visitors, public figures, etc. are used in the index.


No film, theater, concert, or music reviews are indexed prior to those from the Spring 1989. The reviews are selectively chosen.

Dates covered:

The Daily Tar Heel Headline Archive is an index of headlines covering August 1970 through portions of Fall 2003 and Spring 2004. The Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 issues will be completed in the near future. Future issues of the Daily Tar Heel will continue to be indexed as they are published. In addition, library staff have begun indexing the first 78 years of the newspaper. Though incomplete in this database, both the first 78 years as well as more recent issues are searchable.