Format Totals

The SFC currently holds over 50,000 unique audio recordings and 6,500 video recordings. The work currently underway through the Extending the Reach of Southern Audiovisual Sources: Expansion grant focuses directly on these items, with particular attention paid to increasingly at-risk formats, whether due to obsolescence, deterioration, or a combination of the two.

As of Spring 2018, roughly 40% of the audio and 17% of the video recordings in the collection have been digitized, preserved and made available online.

 Four pie charts depicting the most prevalent audio and video formats in the Southern Folklife Collection and current digitization progress


Film materials at the SFC

While film materials have not been a primary focus of our efforts, the project team has successfully identified, described, and re-housed roughly 2 million feet of film, the majority of which has been transferred to a cool storage environment offsite.