2010–2011 Notable Acquisitions


French Literature and Imprints

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, author, and Eugène Delacroix, illustrator, Faust: tragédie de M. de Goethe (Paris: Chez Ch. Motte et Chez Sautelet, 1828).

Jean-Jacques Grandville, Un Autre Monde: transformations, visions, incarnations . . . et autres choses (Paris: H. Fournier, 1844).

Gustave Doré, twenty-seven original woodblocks for the printing of Les Contes Drolatiques (Paris: Bureaux de la Société Générale de Librairie, 1855).

Peter Wick Collection of French Romantic Literature: 234 titles centered in one of the golden ages of French book illustration, the Romantic period. Highlights of the collection include:

Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, Paul et Virginie (Paris, 1806). The folio issue, with proofs before letters of the plates by Prud’hon, Girodet, Isabey and others; typography by Didot.

Georges Lesage, Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane (London, 1809). A large-paper copy with India proofs, in a Simier binding with arms of the Duchesse de Berry.

Sacre de Charles X dans la Métropole de Reims le 29 mai 1825 (Paris, 1825). The last festival book on the coronation of a French ruler.

Jean-Jacques Grandville, nine original highly finished pen and ink drawings, all signed with initials, for the lithograph “Chapellerie au XIXe siècle (1re. Série),” published in his portfolio Types modernes. Observations, critiques. Le dedans de l’homme expliqué par le dehors. 1re livraison. (Paris: Neuhaus, 1835).

Jean-Jacques Grandville, Aventures de Robinson Crusoe (Paris, 1840). First printing.

Edmond Audouit, L’Herbier des demoiselles, ou traité complet de la botanique (Paris, 1847). This copy from the library of the Infanta Louisa Fernanda of Spain.

Honoré de Balzac, La comédie humaine (Paris, 1842–48, 1855). 20 vols. The first complete edition, and the first illustrated edition, of Balzac’s works.

Charles Baudelaire, Les fleurs du mal (Paris, 1857). The first issue of the first edition, with the six poems suppressed in later printings.

Champfleury, Les chats (Paris, 1870). Illustrations by Manet and others. Fifth edition; tirage à part, limited to 18 copies on papier de chine, with doubles, finished in color.

Literature in English and English and American Imprints

Thomas Tuke, A Discourse Against Painting and Tincturing of Women. Wherein the Abominable Sinnes of Murther and Poisoning, Pride and Ambition, Adultery and Witchcraft, Are Set Forth and Dicouered (London: For Edward Merchant, 1616). From Foyle’s Beeleigh Abbey Library, with contemporaneous manuscript annotations.

John Donne, Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, and Several Steps in My Sicknesse (London: Printed by A. M. and are to be sold by Charles Greene, 1634). The fourth edition with the engraved title-page based on the marble effigy in St. Paul’s of Donne wrapped in a shroud and standing on a funeral urn.

Robert Southey, Poems (London: Printed by N. Biggs, 1797). Robert Southey’s personal copy with specially dyed color paper.

Samuel Bamford, Hours in the Bowers: Poems, &c. (Manchester: Printed for the Author, by J. P. Jennings and H. Cowdroy, 1834). Collection by the English radical poet.

The Fair Maid’s Song, When All Alone [Enfield, Mass.: Printed by Solomon Howe?, ca. 1838?]. Bawdy American broadside poem.

The Nineteenth Century: A Quarterly Miscellany (Philadelphia: G. B. Zieber & Co., January 1848–January 1849). First three volumes of this significant American literary periodical.

Cupid’s Own Book of Amorous Poetry. Embellished with Fifty Engravings (New York: Elton, Publisher, 1849). Only known copy of this book of love poetry with the Elton imprint. With color lithographed frontispiece and 54 woodcuts in text.

Christina Moody, A Tiny Spark (Washington, D.C.: Murray Brothers Press, 1910). Rare book of thirty-four poems by a sixteen-year-old African-American girl. With halftone frontispiece author portrait.

W. B. Yeats, Easter, 1916 (London?: Privately printed by Clement Shorter, 1916). One of twenty-five copies of this poem on the Irish nationalist uprising.

Sing a Battle Song: Poems by Women in the Weather Underground Organization (s.l.: Red Dragon Print Collective, 1975). Scarce publication of poetry from the radical left organization.

Latin American and Spanish Literature and Imprints

José María Vargas Vila Papers (1920s–1930s). Includes the unpublished manuscript En los jardines de Lesbos.

Guatemala. Independence Day speeches (1844–1979, with gaps). Collection of 57 speeches (plus three duplicates) given on Independence Day in Guatemala.

Colombia. Constitución política de la Nueva Granada. Año de 1853. [Bogotá, 1853]. In original yellow printed wrappers, the constitution in which Colombia abolished slavery.

Album de “El Criollo” Semblanzas (Havana: Establecimiento tipográfico, 1888). Biographical compendium (with accompanying portraits) of eighty-four Cuban revolutionaries.

World War II Posters

Hiromu Hara, Memorial Day for the Navy in Wartime, ca. 1942. Extremely rare color lithographic Japanese World War II poster by a noted graphic artist.

Herbert Morrison, Hand-lettered poster for War Artists’ Exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, London, ca. 1940.


Prof. V. Baillie Dunlap. Rafael Uribe Uribe Papers, 1895–1959 (bulk 1913–1914), as well as Colombian books and volumes of the periodical El repertorio colombiano.

Mr. William Morgan and Ms. Judy Matz. Allen Ginsberg photographs.

Ms. Paula Pohli. Four linoprint portraits of Irish writers.

Prof. William Race. Fourteen antiquarian volumes by Greek and Latin authors, including Horace, Pindar, Lucretius, Sophocles, Proclus, and Statius.

Prof. Mark L. Reed, III. Over one thousand editions of the writings of William Wordsworth, published from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century.

Mr. George and Mrs. Melinda Stuart. Twenty Maya-related titles, including the first novel of the Yucatán, Pedro Almeida, Un mejicano: el pecado de Adan (Mérida: Imprenta de Lorenzo Seguí, 1838).

Prof. Robert L. Weaver. Three leaves from a Beneventan book of monastic liturgical prayers; two five-leaf gatherings of Spanish or Hispanoamerican polyphonic music, seventeenth century.