Library Social Clubs

Share your passions and find your people

Looking for new friends who share your taste in books, movies, TV, podcasts, or music? Library Social Clubs are coming soon. These student-run clubs will meet on your terms. We’re just here to help you connect.


Sign-ups are now open for spring 2022! We asked for theme suggestions and you delivered. There are 25 themes listed on the sign-up form, and there’s something for everyone.

Sign-ups will be open until March 27. Make your selections now!


The theme suggestion period has ended for spring semester 2022, but the form is still open. Submit your suggestions now and we’ll add them to our list for fall 2023.

Tell us what themes you’d like to see. Comfort watches? Fiction by Latina authors? Pop music podcasts? The sky’s the limit! Submit your theme suggestions!

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Have questions about Library Social Clubs? Check out our FAQ for answers. If you don’t find them here, please reach out to us by email. We’ll continue adding to this list as questions arise.

How are themes selected?

Library staff invite theme suggestions from students via our student newsletter, social media (@UNCLibrary), the theme suggestions form, and whiteboards in Davis Library and the UL. We look for clusters in the suggestions to get a sense of demand and interest. Then we open sign-ups for a selection of the theme ideas.

Will every theme suggestion become a Social Club?

To make sure each Library Social Club has enough members to be successful, we set a minimum number of sign-ups in order for a Social Club to launch. One way to make sure the group you want is successful is to spread the word to your friends!

Will someone from the Library be in my Social Club?

No. Library Social Clubs are student-run. We’re here to give you an opportunity to connect with other students who share your interests, and to provide structure as needed. But these conversations are yours.

Who will lead the group?

Each Library Social Club will have a pair of student co-leaders.

At the end of the sign-up period, we’ll contact every student who signed up for each group and invite two students to self-nominate as group leaders.

What’s the timeline for launching?

In the spring semester of 2022, we’ll end the theme suggestion period on Feb. 18. Then, we’ll open up sign-ups until March 4. Then we’ll need a week or so to identify group leaders. We expect to launch the groups in mid-March.

In future semesters, we’ll begin the launch period earlier so the Library Social Clubs can get up and running early in the semester.

What if I have an idea for a theme after the groups have launched?

We’ll leave the theme suggestions form open after this semester’s suggestion period ends. You’re welcome to submit ideas at any time, and we’ll come back to them at the start of the following semester.