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Get personalized book recommendations

Need some ideas for what to read next? Let us know a bit about your reading tastes and what you’re in the mood to read, and an Undergraduate Library staffer will create a tailored list of reading recommendations just for you!

OverDrive / Libby

Looking for fantasy, romance, celebrity memoirs, or tips on being your best self? The University Libraries’ OverDrive collection has got you covered! Sign in with your ONYEN to borrow and download popular ebooks and audiobooks from this eclectic mix of titles. Access is funded by the Student Library Advisory Board.

Popular Reading Collection

Want to take a study break? Browse the popular fiction and nonfiction books at the entry level of the Undergraduate Library – you have access to hundreds of books that you can read for fun! Funded by the Student Library Advisory Board.

NoveList Plus

Can’t decide on your next read? NoveList Plus helps readers find new fiction and non-fiction titles based on books you have already read or topics in which you are interested. Book reviews are also available.

Watch a movie

Get personalized movie recommendations

Need some ideas for what to watch next? Tell us a bit about your film tastes or what you’re in the mood to watch, and a Media & Design Center staffer will create a tailored list of movie recommendations just for you!

Swank Digital Campus

Curated for classes, but open to you too; stream from over 1500 comedies, action flicks, sci-fi, documentaries, indies, thrillers, and more. Pro-tip, this collection changes, so check back often for new gems.


Craving more than docs and narrative fiction? Stream from this vastly multidisciplinary collection of feature films, documentaries, interviews, theater performances, news, field recordings, commercials ethnographies, and demonstrations.


Global films and docs, avant-garde, or ultra-indie more your speed? Stream from this carefully curated and highly lauded collection of award-winning provocative films. Best bet collection for a film club or round table.

Catch up on current events

The New York Times

The University Libraries has partnered with the New York Times to provide currently-enrolled students with access to NYTimes.com, NYTimes.com mobile app, and NYT Cooking. Use your UNC email or pre-existing account login to set up your access.

The New York Times access is funded by the Student Library Advisory Board.

The Washington Post

The University Libraries provides access to The Washington Post website and apps for students, faculty, and staff. Coverage includes the past 15 years of content.

The Washington Post access is funded by the Student Library Advisory Board.

Brush up on language skills

Transparent Language Online

Need to build or brush up on your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a foreign language? Over 110 languages are included in this effective and engaging language-learning program.