UNC-Chapel Hill / SAGE Open Access Publishing Agreement FAQ

University Libraries logo and Sage Publishing logoThe University Libraries and SAGE Publishing have entered into a pilot agreement enabling researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to publish open access articles in SAGE journals at no cost to the researcher.

Under the agreement, part of the subscription fees that the Library will pay for SAGE content will cover the costs of open access publishing for a number of UNC-Chapel Hill authors in SAGE publications. This comes at no additional cost to the Library and will preserve access to all content that the Library currently licenses from SAGE.

Who is eligible to use this funding?

You must have had an article accepted for publishing by an eligible SAGE journal. The corresponding author must be a UNC-Chapel Hill affiliate. The University Libraries is especially interested in supporting open access publishing by untenured faculty members, non-tenure track researchers and graduate students.

Which SAGE journals are eligible?

Many, but not all, SAGE journals will publish open access articles as part of this agreement. To determine whether your journal is eligible, contact sageauthors@unc.edu.

How can I access this funding?

Once your article has been accepted for publication by an eligible SAGE journal, you will receive an email from SAGE asking if you would like to publish as open access. Select β€œYes.” If you have a grant that will pay for open access funding, please select this option. Otherwise, select UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries as the payer.

Will all articles by UNC-Chapel Hill authors be funded?

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers publish more articles with SAGE each year than this agreement can cover. The University Libraries will continue to monitor demand as part of our evaluation of this program.

How can I learn more or get help?

We are happy to answer your questions about this agreement with SAGE Publishing. Please send an email to OApublishing@unc.edu.