Email Notification

UNC borrowers: The Library will use your ONYEN email address from the University Directory.
Non-UNC affiliated borrowers: You must enter a valid email address to receive notices via email.

Login to My Library to make changes to how library notices are sent to you

Library email notices include:

  • courtesy notices sent three days before materials are due
  • overdue notices
  • recall notices
  • pickup notices
  • fine notices
  • lost item notices
  • preferred search results

Please keep your contact information current so you won’t miss notices. Spam filters may block email notices. Library notices are sent from, in case you want to edit your spam filter to permit notices from this address. Note: this address cannot receive messages. Please send questions to

Opting out of Email or Returning to Postal Mail: Go to the My Library page and choose the “Postal Mail” option.

For help please contact one of the following: