Library Service Center


Library Service CenterThe UNC University Libraries system is comprised of several campus library facilities. Given the finite space in these facilities and the thousands of books and journals received on an annual basis, the libraries have begun to regularly transfer volumes to the Library Service Center (LSC) located in Durham, North Carolina. The LSC is a state-of-the-art shelving facility that maintains a constant temperature and humidity level, prolonging the useful life of library materials.

Access To Materials

The LSC uses a compact storage arrangement and barcoding system that significantly reduces loss by ensuring inventory location controls. Because books are shelved by size and location number instead of call number, the stacks are closed to the public. However, materials can be paged or requested as explained below.

Requesting Materials

Requests for LSC materials can be made through the UNC catalog by selecting the “Request Campus Delivery” option or through Search TRLN by choosing the “Request this Title” option. Persons not affiliated with UNC should contact the Davis Library Circulation department for assistance. For more information see the Carolina BLU Campus Delivery service.

Transfer Process

Each library has developed a review process to identify volumes for transfer. While criteria for transfers vary by library, generally the focus is on older, lesser-used materials, and input is sought from faculty and researchers. The LSC is considered a dynamic collection and return of volumes to campus libraries may be considered if increased use warrants.

On-Site Use of Materials

The LSC has a reading room for on-site use of library materials. If you need to consult a large set of volumes, please contact the Davis Circulation Desk in advance to make the necessary arrangements.