3D Imaging

The Makerspace@KSL supports 3D imaging projects for analyzing real-world objects or environments and constructing digital 3D models. Read our FAQ below for more information.

Available Scanners

NextEngine 3D Scanner

NextEngine 3D Scanner

This full color, high resolution, professional 3D scanner can produce 3D printable files.

Sense handheld 3D scanner

Sense 3D Scanner

This is a portable, easy-to-use 3D scanner.

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Agisoft Metashape Professional Edition

A software application that can combine photographs of an object taken from various perspectives to create a 3D model, in a photogrammetry process called structure from motion. See our guide on using Agisoft Photoscan.


Looking for Help?


Contact our knowledgeable staff for assistance. Any level of experience welcome.

Email us for an appointment: kenanmakerspace@unc.edu


Learners from all levels of experience can take advantage of our 3D Imaging workshop series.

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Video Tutorials

Watch 3D imaging video tutorials for free using your Onyen login on LinkedIn Learning.

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3D Imaging FAQ

Can I use the scanners myself?
Yes, the NextEngine scanner is self-service and the Sense scanner may be checked out. Staff are available to help you learn the process.
What size objects can be scanned?
The NextEngine scanner can handle both very small and fairly large objects. You make a complete object model by combining shots of each facet, each captured from different points of view of your object. Each shot captures an area of your object equal to the field of view. The Macro field is 5.1” x 3.8”, and the Wide field is 13.5” x 10.1”. HD PRO extends the field to 22.5” x 16.75” at a distance of 30”. The Sense scanner has an operating range of 0.35m to 3m.
How long does it take to scan?
With the NextEngine, each captured view takes about two minutes. A typical object can be fully captured in as little as 12 views. The Sense scanner is very quick and can create an image within a few minutes.
How accurate is the scanner?
In Macro mode, 0.005 inch accuracy, with a maximum of 400 samples (points) per inch. Wide mode provides 0.015 inch accuracy and 150 samples per inch. The Sense has a depth resolution of 1mm at 0.5m.