Carolina Digital Repository (CDR)

Screenshot of the Carolina Digital Repository homepage

The Carolina Digital Repository (CDR) is UNC’s Open Access institutional repository. It provides long-term access and safekeeping for scholarly works, datasets, research materials, records, and audiovisual materials produced by the UNC-Chapel Hill community.  The CDR currently supports:

  • Relationships with other repositories.  UNC has built a relationship with BioMed Central to automatically ingest content authored by UNC researchers who only have to deposit their works once.
  • Embargo.  The CDR supports the attachment of an embargo with any future date to a work.  Visitors can see that the document exists but cannot download it until the embargo has passed.
  • Preservation.  The CDR creates multiple copies of an object and monitors them over time to ensure long-term health.
  • Indexing/discovery.  The CDR promotes discovery of works both within the software and via external indexing sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Browse and Submit

With access to the site, faculty and students of UNC-Chapel Hill are welcome to self-submit–or request mediated submission with CDR staff–their scholarly materials. These scholarly materials should have been created during the scholar’s affiliation duration at UNC. Content can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Academic articles
  • Book chapters
  • Theses
  • Conference posters
  • White papers
  • Images
  • Datasets
Deposit your open access scholarly work today.

Additional details about the CDR are supplied in the CDR FAQs. You can get support for using the various features of the CDR in the help documentation.

Other Open Access repositories

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