Personal Librarian Program

for Transfer Students

The campus libraries are here to support inquiry and learning, and library staff are dedicated to connecting users to Carolina’s rich and complex library system. The House Undergraduate Library, hosts a Personal Librarian program, assigning each incoming transfer student with their own librarian. Each personal librarian will serve as the go-to person for questions related to UNC libraries’ collections and services and can help you make connections across campus.

Several weeks into the fall semester, you will be assigned a personal librarian, who will contact you at key points during the academic year. You are encouraged to contact your personal librarian with research and library-related questions as needed

Personal librarians can help students in a variety of ways:

  • Remind you about helpful services.
  • Assist you in conducting research, locating information, and developing effective serach strategies.
  • Answer your general questions about the library.
  • Connect you to university resources outside of the library.

Please contact Suchi Mohanty if you have any questions.


Aaron Smithers, Southern Folklife Collection Assistant
Angela Bardeen, Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian
Cait Kennedy, Carolina Library Associate, Undergraduate Library
Caroline Keizer, Special Collections and Humanities Cataloger
Christina Cortland, Carolina Library Associate, Kenan Science Library
David Romito, Science Librarian
Dayna Durbin, Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Librarian
Emily Jack, Community Engagement Librarian
Emily Kader, Rare Book Research Librarian
Fran (Francesca) Allegri, Asst Dir. for Clinical, Academic, and Research Engagement
Gary Pattillo, Communication Studies, Education, and Exercise/Sport Science Librarian
Gregg (James) Moore, Assistant to the Stone Center Librarian
Jason Tomberlin, Head of Research and Instructional Services

Jennie (Jennifer) Goforth, Research and Design Services Librarian
John Blythe, Assistant Curator and Collection Development Librarian
Kelsey Hammer, Carolina Library Associate, Undergraduate Library
Kristan Shawgo, Social Sciences Librarian
Kurt Blythe, Serials Access Librarian
Matthew Turi, Manuscripts Research and Instruction Librarian
Renée Bosman, Government Information Librarian
Sarah Carrier, NC Research & Instructional Librarian
Shaw (Bradshaw) Lentz, E-reserves Copyright Supervisor
Stephanie Willen Brown, Director, Park Journalism Library
Suchi Mohanty, Head, R. B. House Undergraduate Library
Therese Triumph, Science Librarian
Tommy (Thomas) Nixon, Classics, Dramatic Art, and English/Comparative Literature Librarian
Winifred Metz, Media Librarian & Head, Media Resources Center