The Periodic Table Project

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Add your work to our 8 foot Periodic Table of Elements!

Anyone affiliated with UNC is invited to help create an artistic interpretation of an element to form part of a Periodic Table of Elements to be displayed in the Kenan Science Library. The Periodic Table Project was conceived as a key and defining element for the launch of the Kenan Science Library Research Hub and Makerspace. The table will be comprised of 5.5” x 5” tiles and will be approximately 5′ x 8′ in size.

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Periodic Table of the Elements

Design Guidelines

● One quarter inch at the top and bottom of your 5.5″ x 5″ tile must be left free for it to slot into the display shelf.
● Design must legibly convey your element’s chemical symbol (note that only the first letter is capitalized) and atomic number. These can be placed in the traditional locations or rendered artistically, but must clearly identify the element.
● Materials used must be in stable form.
● Materials must not smell or make noise.
● Your design can be 2D or 3D but should not exceed four inches in depth.
● Submissions may include battery-powered components.
All scientific information conveyed by your design must be accurate.

Designing Your Element

To help you research your chosen element we have listed sources below. Consider drawing inspiration from your element’s physical properties, who discovered it, where and when it was discovered, how it got its name, its chemical family, how it has been or is currently used, etc. Your visual interpretation should reflect or incorporate your research. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact any of the UNC science library staff.

How to Participate

Individuals or groups can choose any element that is unclaimed on our list.

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The project committee will review submissions and email participants of acceptance or ask for modifications within two weeks. Once approved, participants can pick up their base tile from the Kenan Science Library during regular business hours. They will be required to write their name(s) and the element symbol on the back. Participants are responsible for the materials needed to execute their design.

Participants have 30 days to complete the design and bring the element tile back to the Kenan Science Library. The committee will review the finished tiles and reserves the right not to display a submission if it does not meet the project guidelines. Tiles will be added to the table in the order received.

Information and Inspiration Sources

Some sources to help you to design your interpretation:

The Elements book coverOnline:

Print: (Ask at the desk in the Kenan Science Library)


If you have questions, please contact us or stop by Kenan Science Library in G301 Venable Hall.