Electronics & Textiles


Arduino circuitboard

The Kenan Makerspace has starter kits for several electronics development platforms:

The Arduino is a an open-source electronics platform. It can be attached to sensors, motors, and other components to make interactive projects.

The Raspbery Pi is a credit card-sized computer that runs a variety of the Linux operating system. Learn to program in Python, set up a web server, or create your own media server!

Makey Makey shows you how to create simple circuits using your hands and many other everyday objects.

LittleBits lets you create circuits using these magnetic pieces which interlock to make sound, move, and light up. With many parts and combinations, you can create all sorts of projects


Getting started


Arduino IDE
The open-source Arduino environment is used to write code and upload it to the i/o board.


We have a Janome S-3015 sewing machine available for use by current UNC Chapel Hill affiliates.

See our more detailed FAQs and requirements for using the machine.