Survey of Nine Media/Methods for Making Theatrical Masks

There are many methods and materials for making masks to use in performance, but all of them begin with a matrix sculpture upon which the mask is based. The medium chosen is often determined by the requirements of the play, the needs of the performer, and the available resources of time, budget, and labor. In this case, the matrix was 3D scanned, digitized, and printed in PLA plastic to create a rigid mask with a 10-hour production time. The eight other masks created in the survey include media such as cast neoprene latex, papier mache, thermoformable felt, and more; all of which have different physical properties in terms of rigidity/durability, cost, and both the time and skilled labor to create. The results of this survey are in consideration by the industry journal Stage Directions for future publication.
-Rachel E. Pollock, Carroll Kyser Costume Complex, Department of Dramatic Art