Dams in the Middle East

Satellite imagery showing the Ilısu Dam in Turkey. Students choose this imagery to highlight the extent of flooding that occurred after construction of the dam.

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While many discussions of resources in the Middle East typically spark discussions on oil, the management of water is also of great importance. Students in HIST 273 (Water in the Middle East) study the socio-economic, political, and environmental aspects of managing this resource, including the construction of dams. HIST 273 students were tasked with creating StoryMaps featuring maps, images, videos, and other immersive media to demonstrate the impacts of specific dams. 

To prepare students for creating their StoryMaps, the University Libraries’ GIS Librarian provided training on ArcGIS Online and StoryMaps, web-based software for mapping and website creation. Students also completed four labs created by library staff that covered the basics of the desktop mapping software ArcGIS Pro. Each lab was led by the GIS Librarian, the Digital Research Support Specialist, and a Library Data Consultant. 

Tips for using Story Maps and other data visualization tools are available on the Libraries’ Data Visualization – Mapping & GIS page. Library Data Consultants are available to support faculty on research projects and courses – learn more on our Faculty Support page.