Collaboration Networks within the Department of Chemistry


The Impact Measurement and Visualization (IMV) team at the UNC Health Sciences Library (HSL) collaborated with faculty from the UNC-Chapel Hill (UNC) Department of Chemistry to conduct a series of bibliometric analyses to discover the collaborations among current UNC Chemistry faculty and with all external entities. These analyses focused on the research publication output in the last 10 years (2008-2018).

The analyses aimed to answer the following research questions posed by the Department of Chemistry:
1) What was the research behavior, in terms of faculty collaboration, over the past 10 years?
2) How have chemistry faculty collaborated with other organizations over the same time period?


The citation network analyses produced have helped the Department of Chemistry Chair and department members examine co-authorship collaboration patterns among their faculty and with other organizations over the past 10 years. The analyses produced were:
Co-authorship Analysis (Chemistry faculty only) – this network analysis examined collaboration patterns among current UNC chemistry faculty over the past 10 years.
Organization Analysis (all collaborators) – this network analysis examines collaboration patterns between UNC Chemistry faculty and external entities (academic departments, institutions, and private organizations) as presented in publication citations over the past 10 years.
Country Analysis – this network analysis examines the collaboration between the Chemistry department and countries outside of the US.