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Research Hub Project Gallery

The Research Hub helped a professor and students in a class on Historical Geography of the US create a collaborative Story Map. View Project
Geographies of the New Deal in North Carolina
With help from the Research Hub, students created a digital exhibit for one of UNC's largest instances of collective action. View Project
UNC Foodworkers’ Strikes of 1969
A professor worked with staff at the Davis Library Research Hub to plan virtual field trips using the Liquid Galaxy digital Earth display. View Project
Class Explores Cuba Without Leaving Research Hub

Outcomes from grant-funded outreach project to reach rural and underserved communities in North Carolina. View Project
Engaging for Health in Rural North Carolina Communities
Citation analyses of Eshelman School of Pharmacy research to examine collaboration patterns among ESOP faculty, students, and UNC-associated researchers, and ESOP topics of study. (HSL Impact Measurement & Visualization team) View Project
School of Pharmacy Research Output Analysis
Citation analyses to help the UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Department discover the collaborations among their current faculty and with external entities. (HSL Impact Measurement & Visualization team) View Project
Collaboration Networks within the Department of Chemistry

Bibliometric analysis that investigated patterns among co-authorship collaborations, organizational collaborations, and keyword usage in the Geological Sciences department. View Project
Geological Sciences Research Output Analysis
3D printed tactile graphic symbols made for Dr. Karen A. Erickson of the Center for Literacy and Disability Services. View Project
Project Core: Tactile Graphic Symbols
Dr. Alan Glazner of the Geological Science Department uses a 3D model to illustrate a geologic point for his Geological Sciences 72H First-Year Seminar. View Project
Geological Sciences 3D Model