Suggest an Event

To suggest an event, or to request co-sponsorship by the Research Hub of your event, please email the Research Hub Staff.

Research Hub Centers located in Davis Library, the Kenan Science Library, and the Health Sciences Library sponsor year-round meetings, programs, and special events that showcase scholarly research. We are particularly interested in programs that:

  • Engage scholars in new research methods
  • Engage scholars with important research issues, such as intellectual property and open access
  • Introduce researchers across disciplines
  • Showcase research, especially cross-disciplinary research
  • Leverage new technologies

University affiliates outside the library may jointly sponsor events with the Hub that are consistent with its mission.  The benefit of Research Hub co-sponsorship, whether in the Hub or your own space, is three-fold:  it leverages the Hub’s branding for research-oriented programs, offers the option of using the Hub’s technology and meeting spaces, and reaches a wider audience through promotion on the Hub’s programming calendar.

No fee is charged for use of the Research Hub space. Decisions about use of the space and co-sponsorship are at the sole discretion of the Library.