Davis Hub Usage Guidelines

In planning your event, please keep in mind:

  • Availability: The presentation space in the Davis Research Hub is available for events during regular business hours, 9 am to 5 pm weekdays. All reservations must end by 4:30 pm.
  • Exclusions: Events may NOT be held during exams or reading days. The Davis Hub’s presentation space is for supplemental use only. It cannot to be reserved for semester-long courses or regular meetings, nor indeed more than three times by the same group in a year (exceptions: e.g., by previous arrangement for a short series of meetings, or classes that need to use specific equipment). Preference will be given to events that demonstrate a direct relationship to scholarly research. Bookings from organizations and groups lacking University sponsorship or affiliation are not accepted. Social events are acceptable if they promote connections between researchers. The Library reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of the event for the space, and to arbitrate between events seeking the same date and time.
  • Maximum Occupancy: The seating capacity of the Davis Hub presentation space is approximately 65 seated classroom style (chairs with tables) with the possibility of adding about another three dozen or so chairs around the perimeter or without tables.
  • Plan Ahead: We recommend planning well in advance of your proposed date. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and may be made up to three months in advance.
  • Guest Responsibility: The Library does not have an event staff to assist with events. Guests are responsible for setup, and for cleaning up after an event.
  • Food: Providing refreshments for the whole group may be possible but requires approval by Library Administration in advance and special arrangements with a caterer.
  • A/V Equipment: If needed, presenters will be introduced to special equipment by a staff member and provided with basic instructions. Consequently, presenters who wish such assistance are asked to schedule a brief meeting with a staff member prior to the date of their presentation. See list of equipment below.

For the day of your event, please keep in mind that:

  • Food and drink carried in by individual guests are generally permitted in the Davis Research Hub. When bringing beverages into the Hub, please exercise good judgment in keeping drinks contained. Guests are solely responsible for cleaning up after their group.
  • Furniture Arrangement: It is possible to rearrange the tables and chairs in the presentation space. Both have wheels, fold up and can be nested out of the way. The curved baffles around the perimeter, however, are not moveable. If guests rearrange the tables and chairs, they are responsible for maintaining the fire exit lanes required and for returning the furniture to its original arrangement before departing.
  • Cleaning Up: Guests are responsible for removing all trash generated by their event immediately after use to designated collection areas. Failure to do so may impact future reservation requests by your group.

The Library provides use of the space free of charge. We depend on your efforts to keep the room clean and put furniture back in its standard arrangement in order to maintain this no-cost approach.

Thank you.


Equipment/Furniture Available

Audio Visual Equipment

  • Lenovo Computer
  • VGA adaptor to connect computer/IBM laptops to projector
  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Podium
  • Microphones
  • DVD Player
  • Extension cords (request in advance, specifying cord length if possible)
  • Liquid Galaxy (The Liquid Galaxy creates an immersive Google Earth experience. Its large, high-definition display panels are set in a curve to provide a panoramic view of Google Earth and/or spatial data that can be used with Google Earth [kml format], and allows users to interact with the display using a joystick.)


  • 18 bar-height (orange hard-shell) chairs for the counters on the curved baffles around the space (these baffles are not movable)
  • 24 four-foot tables with 48 (table-height, green upholstery) chairs
  • 36 extra table-height (green upholstery) chairs
  • 4 mobile whiteboards
  • 1 flip chart stand (request in advance)
  • 2 large trash cans (plus assorted ordinary trash cans)
  • 1 bottle/can recycle bin

Returning Room to Original Order: Users are expected to return room back to original order immediately following use of the room, as per the diagram below:


Set up chairs behind tables (classroom-style) facing the screen, leaving 21” between each successive row of tables. Three fire lanes are required by the fire marshal: one 8-foot aisle on the left side, and another at the front between the front tables and the screen, and a three-foot aisle on the right side of the space between the tables and the curved baffle. Return any equipment to DRS staff, put the screen up, and neatly arrange lectern at front of room.

Dispose of all trash, handouts, etc., generated by your event in the large trash cans provided.