Davis Hub Events FAQ

How do I reserve the Research Hub?

Request a reservation using the Space Use Request Form after reading the Davis Hub Usage Guidelines and these FAQs.
Submitting a request does not guarantee your reservation; you will receive an email confirmation from the Hub staff.  Decisions about reservations are at the sole discretion of the Library.

How do I cancel my reservation?

To cancel a reservation, send an email to researchhub@unc.edu.

How many people does the room hold?

The seating capacity classroom-style (with tables) is 66. Another 49 chairs (a mix of low and bar-height) are available for extra seating around the perimeter or to arrange the space auditorium-style (without the tables) for a total of 115 seats.

We are having a presentation. Do I need to bring a computer?

No. There is a PC in the room. If you want to bring a MAC please bring the appropriate (VGA) adapter to connect it to the projector.

What type of audio-visual equipment is available?

Refer to the list at the end of the Davis Hub Usage Guidelines.

Is there someone that can help me with the audio-visual equipment?

Yes.  Ask for an appointment when you submit your request or prior to the event by calling 962-1151 or emailing researchhub@unc.edu.

Is food and drink allowed?

Food and drink carried in by individuals are allowed in the Hub.  Special care should be taken to minimize spillage.  Your group is responsible for collecting all trash at the end of the event as well as for cleaning up spills, etc.

Catering in food is more complicated. Please note specifics in your request.

Where should we put trash?

Trash cans will be provided in the Hub.

Can the room be re-arranged to accommodate my program needs?

Yes, tables and chairs may be moved, provided that the fire lanes are kept clear and furniture is returned to its original location when the event is over. Your group is responsible for setting up the room and putting it back when the event is over as we have no event staff. Reference the Davis Hub Usage Guidelines for the diagram of the correct furniture placement. Please note: the curved baffles around the space are not moveable.

Are there tables available?

24 four-foot tables are part of the default classroom-style setup (with chairs) and there are a few counters at bar-table height (with tall chairs) built into the curved baffles around the edges of the presentation space.

My event starts at 8:00 a.m. Can I get in the room prior to 8:00?

Call 962-1151 to make arrangements in advance, or state this in your request.  You may need to set up the space the previous day.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Reservations may be made up to three months in advance.

Can groups not affiliated with the University reserve the Research Hub?


Do you provide tablecloths?


Is parking available?

Visit http://cap.unc.edu/parking/visitor-parking/ for parking information.

Can we put up decorations or posters?

No. Nothing should be attached to the walls or ceiling.

Does the room have wireless access?


Do you have equipment to accommodate a panel discussion?

No microphones are available but the space is small enough that they may not be necessary. If you decide you want microphones, you must obtain them yourself. The Student Union’s production services department may be able to assist for a fee. The presentation space may be re-arranged to accommodate a table with chairs for panelists, provided that the fire lanes are kept clear and furniture is returned to its original location when the event is over.

I left something in the Hub after an event and it’s gone. What do I do?

The Library assumes no liability for items lost or stolen at Research Hub events but you may check the lost and found at the Davis Library Circulation Desk on the first floor to see if someone turned in the item.

Read the Davis Hub Usage Guidelines

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