Research Assistant Supervisor Handbook

The purpose of this information is to define the general Library Human Resources Office practices regarding Research Assistant employment at the University Library.   The information in this handbook is for use by Research Assistant Supervisors to familiarize themselves with the employment policies and procedures for Research Assistant employees. The University Library is committed to offering students valuable training in a library setting.  This includes the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the workplace. For that reason, it is important that Research Assistant Supervisors make every effort to properly educate and acquaint students with proper business behavior.

Hiring Research Assistants

Hiring a Research Assistant
Advertising Research Assistant Jobs
Eligibility to Work as a Research Assistant
Eligibility to Work – International Students
Working in Multiple Departments

Research Assistant Sign-up Procedures

New Hire Signup
New Hire Signup – International Students

Payroll Information

Direct Deposit
W2 Information
Stop Payments
Changing Funding Information


Orienting Students
Workplace Safety
Accidents and Injuries
Termination of Employment
Termination Procedures


List of Acceptable Documents for I-9
Research Assistant Leave Record
Release of Employment Information
Direct Deposit Authorization for Research Assistants
Cancellation of Direct Deposit Authorization