English 105 Research Help FAQs

The Undergraduate Library now offers 45-minute one-on-one research consultations for ENGL105 students. Make an appointment.

When can students request consultations?

  • Students can make an appointment at https://library.unc.edu/house/105help/ at any time during the semester.
  • Students can grab an appointment time up to 1 hour before it begins, giving them the flexibility to choose a time that works for them.

How does this service work?

  • Students will meet a librarian at the UL Research Desk. They will go sit together at a reserved table in the library for the consultation.
  • Consultations will last for up to 45 minutes.

How will this help my students?

  • Students with specific issues, questions, or challenges will have the opportunity to strategize one-on-one with a librarian.
  • Consultations will elaborate on aspects of the research process that cannot be covered in a single library instruction session.
  • Students will leave with a personalized research plan, tailored to the student and where they are in their research. Together with the librarian, the student will make a list of next steps so they know what to do next.
  • Just like consultations at the writing center, research consultations will be another tool for student success.

Who makes the request?

  • Students should make their own appointments. However, feel free to recommend appointments to students as they work on completing their assignments.

Can I require my students to make appointments?

  • You are welcome to incorporate consultations as part of your assignment requirements for students, or you can just suggest that students use the service.

How can I use this in my class?

  • You can include information about this service on your syllabus, or link to our appointment page from your course’s Sakai site.
  • If you have students that are struggling with finding sufficient information, or asking questions about the research process that you don’t have solutions for, that’s the time to recommend an appointment with a librarian.
  • Encouraging students to schedule a consultation will reinforce positive help-seeking behaviors that will be useful throughout their academic careers.

Does this replace library instruction?

  • No, this is a supplement to in-class library instruction sessions. Our in-class sessions are designed to cover foundational concepts and skills relevant to each course assignment. This service offers an opportunity for more individual attention to student-specific research issues. We imagine that these consultations would be most effective after an instruction session.

Who can I contact with questions or suggestions?