About the Undergraduate Library


The Robert B. House Undergraduate Library opened in 1968 to serve the unique needs of undergraduates. In 2001, as part of the NC Higher Education Improvement Bonds Package,  the library underwent a $9.9 million renovation that served to revamp furnishings, equipment and infrastructure within the building.

The R.B. House Undergraduate Library continues to offer many of the services that were integral to its mission from the beginning: a core book collection aimed at undergraduates; access to media collections, reference, and instruction; and provision of a collegial atmosphere for learning and study.
Undergraduate Library at night


The R.B. House Undergraduate Library’s mission is to collaborate across disciplines with libraries, campus units, institutions, and local communities to create an intellectual crossroads for students, faculty, and the community. To aid in this effort, the R.B. House Undergraduate Library:

  • Introduces undergraduates to Carolina’s rich and complex library system.
  • Connects undergraduates and faculty to the information, technology, and
    other resources essential to supporting undergraduate education.
  • Acts as a testing ground for undergraduate teaching and learning initiatives.