Giving Priorities

Carolina’s Libraries Engage, Inspire, and Transform

In a world of information overload, libraries matter more than ever. Libraries are trusted partners who help researchers and students navigate reliable and useful information, provide access to millions of resources, and teach our students and faculty the skills they need to assess information and turn that information into knowledge.

Why Libraries?

  • The University Libraries at UNC-Chapel Hill consistently ranks among the top university libraries in North America and is one of the premier libraries in the South.
  • We are the only library in the world committed to preserving the complex history and culture of the state of North Carolina and are a leader in scholarship of the American South.
  • Carolina’s libraries are integral to every part of the University’s mission. Our collections, expertise, services, and facilities support innovations in research, teaching, learning, and public service.
  • When you support the University Libraries, you support a comprehensive world of inquiry that ensures student and faculty success, improves lives through the exploration of knowledge, and enriches our state and the world.
  • An investment in Libraries is an investment in the University community.

What Are The Libraries’ Funding Priorities?


Support will ensure that we continue to build, expand, and preserve access to collections and resources that scholars and the wider community need now and in the future.

Student Success

Support will enable us to create spaces that foster ideas and connections, provide the personal expertise that leads to understanding and discovery, and expand meaningful employment opportunities that build skills and fuel growth.

Research Enterprise

Support will allow Carolina’s outstanding researchers to benefit from open access to scholarship and to integrate the latest technologies for learning, teaching, and research.

Professional Excellence

Support will foster the professional excellence of the University Libraries staff and allow them to provide leadership at and far beyond Carolina.

What Will the Libraries Do With Your Philanthropic Support?

  • Create endowments to support our leaders, directors, curators, and staff
  • Enhance state-of-the-art learning environments
  • Ensure archives and collections are accessible to everyone
  • Employ a greater number of library student workers
  • Provide undergraduate and graduate students with research funding
  • Expand programming to offer a diverse selection of exhibitions, speakers, and events
  • Foster the next generation of information professionals who change the world

The University Libraries’ goals are intentionally ambitious. We believe that Carolina’s libraries should lead on campus and set the standard for research libraries in the digital age.

We invite you to join us on this transformational journey. For more about these giving opportunities, or to explore gifts to other areas of the Library, please contact the University Libraries Development Office.