FAQ About Book Donations and Other Gifts-In-Kind

Q. I have a collection of materials that are unique and rare. Can I donate them to UNC Chapel Hill Libraries?

A. Wilson Special Collections Library is home to the North Carolina Collection, Rare Book Collection, Southern Folklife Collection, Southern Historical Collection, and University Archives. The Library welcomes inquiries from individuals or organizations interested in adding to the its holdings. Please send your inquiry to wilsonlibrary@unc.edu.

Q. I am downsizing. Can I donate my collection of books/papers/letters to the library?

A. In general we do not accept materials that duplicate our holdings and we are most interested in materials we do not have. You will be asked to provide a list of your collection for us to use in our review. In addition, please be prepared to describe your collection as follows:

  • What is the subject matter?
  • How many items do you have (number of items, number of shelves, linear feet, etc.)?
  • What is your time frame?

Q. My collection is of popular titles and you have most of them in your collection. What can I do with them?

A. If you wish to sell your collection, you can contact on-line book dealers such as Better World Books, Powells, etc. or local used-book dealers.

Q. Do you accept journals, magazines, annuals, newspapers, newsletters, etc?

A. Only on a title by title basis. We accept these when they provide a significant run of something that fits in our collection which we do not have in print or electronically.

Q. I have a collection of UNC Chapel Hill memorabilia. Do you keep this sort of material?

A. Staff in the University Archives handle materials related to UNC Chapel Hill history and have a rich collection in this area. Please contact them.