Davis Library Stack Locations

A shifting project is underway in Davis Library during Spring 2024, and the list of call numbers on each floor changes slightly daily. Please see the Circulation desk for help finding a book.

Journals and Magazines:

Older, bound journals and magazines are shelved with the book collection in Library of Congress call number order on the appropriate floor.


Oversized or folio volumes are located in the southwest corner of the stacks on the floor for that call number.

Theses & Dissertations:

Some UNC theses and dissertations are shelved on the 3rd Floor. For assistance in locating a thesis or dissertation, please see the Service Desk.


Ask at the Service Desk on the first floor.

Dewey Decimal Call Numbers (001 – 999):

Books with a Dewey Decimal call number are located in storage and must be requested at the Service Desk or via our online request form.

Can’t find what you need?

Ask at the Service Desk or contact us.