Davis: Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms in Davis Library are located on floors 3-8 along the south side of the building facing the Student Union. All group study rooms are available for reservation.

When reserving a study room on the sixth floor, be mindful of the floor’s silent zone designation.

Reservations take priority over walk-in use.

If you need a quiet room for a telephone interview ask at the Service Desk in Davis Library and we will try to find a room for you.

All UNC students and employees can use these rooms.

  • Individuals or small groups may reserve One Card access group study rooms.
  • Rooms may be reserved for up to 3 hours at a time.
  • Access the room by swiping your One Card. No key required.
  • Reservations take priority over walk-ins. Walk-in users should yield the room to someone who has a reservation.
  • Study rooms that are not reserved may be used on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend you reserve the room to guarantee your access to the room.
  • No smoking in study rooms.
  • Windows to study rooms cannot be covered at any time.
  • Lights in study rooms must be turned on at all times.
  • Rooms on the eighth floor have glass whiteboard walls for use with dry erase markers. You may check out markers at the Service Desk on the first floor.

Please contact the Circulation Department if you have any questions about Group Study Rooms in Davis Library.

Other Study Areas in Davis Library

Study areas on the first floor are located in the Reference Reading Room and the Morrow Reading Room.

Davis Library has a number of designated volume zones.

Open study areas on floors 3-8 are located throughout the floor. Floors 4-8 have a study lounge in the southwest corner, near the Pit; floors 7-8 have an additional lounge in the northeast corner.