Ways to Help

We have been moved and honored to hear from so many members of the Carolina community eager to help, support and advocate for the University Libraries.
It is important to understand that the Library and the University face multiple related issues. The University’s efforts to address its budget challenges have brought immediate budget cuts. High costs and excessive inflation are ongoing problems for scholarly publishing and for library and university budgets everywhere.

You can help to address these issues through your advocacy and action. Learn more by signing up to attend an information session on October 19 or October 25.

Advocate for Carolina’s libraries

The most important need is for a sufficient and sustainable budget to support the research, teaching, learning, and healing mission of UNC-Chapel Hill. Until library budgets keep pace with annual inflation for library materials, we will have to continue to cut journals that students, faculty and staff desperately need.

You will be most effective if you can be specific about how the University Libraries directly supports your research, teaching, learning or clinical practice. How do you use library resources? How do your students use them? What benefit does a world-class library with world-class resources bring to you? Consider sharing details, stories and specific examples.

Please share your stories with the University Libraries by emailing librarycollections@office.unc.edu. If you are writing to officials outside the University Libraries, we’d love to receive a copy of your letter.

Act to transform scholarly publishing

If you are a researcher, there are many, many things you can do to transform scholarly publishing. These changes are the only real way to protect library budgets from cuts, costs and high inflation over the long term.

The University Library’s Sustainable Scholarship initiative provides information about these and even more ways for you to take action.

  • Take ownership of your scholarship by retaining copyright to your publications.
  • Publish in open access journals or deposit your research in an open access repository such as the Carolina Digital Repository.
  • Interrogate the tenure and promotion process that drives scholarly publishing.
  • Start conversations about open access, open science and open data in your departments, labs and working groups.
  • Review the scholarly publishing contracts for your association and consider transitioning your journal to open access.
  • Invite a librarian to speak to your department, lab, working group or class about sustainable scholarship.

Learn more about ways you can take action to transform scholarly publishing.

Give to the University Libraries

Acquiring scholarly materials is only one of the many ways that the University Libraries supports inquiry, growth and scholarship. Carolina’s libraries are a resource for the entire campus and for all North Carolinians. We are a trusted provider of information and guidance for all Tar Heels in pursuit of knowledge. The University Libraries fuels research, enables student success and preserves the unique history and culture of our state.

Your support ensures that the University Libraries will be able to innovate even in the face of challenges and to set a new standard for research libraries in the digital age.

Please consider making a gift to the University Libraries.