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Author: Aleah Howell

The spring/summer 2020 issue of Windows magazine celebrates the Health Sciences Library’s 50 years, follows Library leaders on the Tar Heel Bus Tour and a preservation ambassador to Senegal, features donors Claude and Sarah Snow, and more.

The Health Sciences Library has become essential to improving the delivery of patient care in the developing world.

In early 2020, the Health Sciences Library became home to some of Carolina’s most innovative projects in health affairs, providing “a great way for serendipitous collisions of inquiry to occur.”

Librarians at the Health Sciences Library are all about empowering the individual through health literacy, which lies in the ability to cut through the noise and find the facts when it comes to our health care decisions and behaviors.

Fifty years after the Health Sciences Library opened its doors, Carolina’s health affairs librarians carry on the tradition of creating, mastering and teaching new technologies in health information.

In her role as Health Sciences Library liaison to the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Rebecca contributes expertise to health research, education and clinical practice.