Ephemera on North Carolina Artists

Materials in this collection are held in the North Carolina Collection in Wilson Library and include, but are not limited to, gallery announcements, clippings, curriculum vitae and materials printed from the Internet that pertain to an individual artist. The North Carolina Collection defines a North Carolina artist as someone native to the state or in residence for significant periods of his or her career. We create a file for an artist once we have collected three or more items about that person.

These files began with gift materials from Lynn Igoe, the author of 250 Years of Afro-American Art: An Annotated Bibliography. Materials will continue to be collected and we welcome contributions from North Carolina artists.

Additional ephemera collections also address the fine arts in North Carolina. Materials on group shows or exhibitions with limited North Carolina content are placed in boxes that are located in the Vault Collection. These boxes are County Ephemera Boxes and Boxes of Ephemera for Specific Colleges and Universities.

Books and periodicals on the arts in North Carolina may be found in the online catalog by searching under the following subject headings:

Artists—North Carolina
Arts—North Carolina
Arts, American—North Carolina

The table below is an inventory of the files held on artists. This includes only artists with individual files, not the many artists who may be represented by just one or two items in the alphabetical files. The material in this ephemera collection is non-circulating, to be used in the Special Collections Research Room, where a scanner is available.

This collection was organized by Sarah Falls in 2004. The collection grows unpredictably, chiefly through donations. The table below is updated irregularly.

The North Carolina Collection Call Number is CR700 E64

Artist Dates Medium
Allcott, John V. Graphic
Alston, Charles
Amberg, Robert Photography
Barnes, Ernie
Barnhardt, Lin Sculpture
Barnwell, Tim Photography
Bearden, Romare* 1911-1988 Painting
*Bearden materials housed separately at FFVCB B368 in the North Carolina Collection Vault
Beerman, John Feb. 21, 1958- Painting
Bell, Corydon 1894- Illustration
Biggers, James Painting
Biggers, John Apr. 13, 1924- Painting
Bireline, George Lee Aug. 12, 1923-Aug 20, 2002 Painting
Blackwell, Tarleton 1956- Painting
Blakeslee, Sarah Jan. 13, 1912-Jan. 12, 2005 Painting
Bostic, Connie Painting
Broderson, Robert 1920-1992 Painting
Brown, Samuel J. April 1907- Painting
Buchanan, Beverly Oct. 8, 1940- Sculpture/Paint.
Burke, Selma 1900-1995 Sculpture
Catlett, Elizabeth Apr. 15, 1915-
Cave, Joseph Painting
Cooley, Jacob Painting
Cooper, Matt Painting
Cox, Joe 1915- Painting
Cunningham, Michael
Daingerfield, Elliot 1859-1932 Painting
Day, Thomas 1801-1860 Furniture
Davis, Harry Lee 1949-
Dennis, Charles 1953-2005 Photography
Dickinson, Linda Ruth Painting
Dougherty, Patrick Sculpture
Driskell, David C. 1931- Painting
Evans, Minnie Painting
Evans, Paul Mixed Media
Farlowe, Horace L. 1933-Apr. 8, 2006 Sculpture
Fennell, Richard Painting
Filer, Jane Painting
Fraser, Mary Edna Textiles
Frerichs, William Carl 1829-1905 Painting
Gatewood, Maud 1934- Painting
Gatewood, Olivia Painting
Gray, Andre Leon Painting
Griffin, Tony 1959- Painting
Haker, Werner Painting
Hammerbeck, Wanda Photography
Harris, Alex Photography
Harris, Michael Painting
Hartley, Paul Dec. 30, 1943- Painting
Hewitt, Mark Ceramics
Hessler, Stephen Painting
Hinnant, Allen Photography
Hinnant, Vandorn 1953- Print
Holder, Geoffrey Aug. 20, 1930- Painting
Holsenbeck, Bryant
Howell, Claude
Huff, James
Igoe, Lynn Historian
Ivy, Gregory
Jackson, Herb Aug. 16, 1945- Painting
Johnson, Malvin Gray
Jones, Clyde Sculpture
Kiffney, Cathy
Kotara, Kenn
Kremen, Irwin June 5, 1925- Painting
Lamar, Stoney
Lauterer, Jock Photography
Levine, Amy
Levy, Nerys Painting
Little, Willie
Logan, Juan
Long, McKendree Robbins
Martin, Eugene
McIver, Beverly
McLeane, Jody dePew Drawing
McNellis, Laura Craig September 8, 1957 Mixed Media
Melvin, James
Morgan, Clarence May 21, 1950-
Nash, Willie
Owen, Ben III Ceramics
Page, Susan Harbage
Person, Leroy 1907-1985
Pittman, Hobson 1899-1972
Popkin, Elsie Dinsmore
Potter, Ted
Prange, Sally Bowen Ceramics
Reddy, T.J. 1945- Graphic design
Redfern, Gwendolyn E.
Rolen, Brad Photography
St. Lewis, Louis Painting
Saltzman, Marvin 1931- Painting
Scarpa, Siglinda Ceramics
Schwalbe, Michael Photography
Sexauer, Donald Printmaking
Simpson, Vollis Sculpture
Solow, David Photography
Speight, Francis Sept. 11, 189 6- Nov. 14, 1989
Stabley, Todd
Sultan, Donald May 5, 1955- Painting/Print
Thomas, Howard 1891-1971
Timberlake, Bob Painting
Trapp, Wayne
Waites, Jeffrey
Watford, Arliss 1924-
Weinstein, Emily Eve 1955- Painting
Whittington, Nancy Textiles
Wood, Sherri 1975- Crafts