Social Media Policy for Library Employees

Personal Use of Social Media

The line between personal space and work space blurs easily in social media. What you share may wind up affecting your colleagues or patrons, your relationships with colleagues or patrons, or the business of the Libraries and the University. Remember, also, that others may perceive you as a library representative even if that is not what you intend.

  • If your personal use of social media involves matters or issues of concern to University Libraries, identify yourself as a library staff member. Indicate, to the extent practical and customary for each platform, that you are not participating as a library spokesperson.
  • Content that you share with regard to the University Libraries and the University must adhere to relevant policies. These include:
  • If you use University computing resources for personal social media, you must adhere to the University’s Personal Use Policy.
  • Do not use logos of the University Libraries or the University in your personal social media account(s).
  • Consider that content that you share privately on social media may not remain private, even with restrictive privacy settings.
  • The University Library Communications Office participates in social media with the user name UNCLibrary. Health Sciences Library participates as UNC-HSL and HSL-UNC. Do not select these or similar names when you establish or participate in social media.

Staff members who manage social media accounts on behalf of the Libraries will find guidelines on the staff intranet.

Updated August 22, 2018