Zuzelle Ramos receives the Chancellor’s Brenda W. Kirby Award

May 4, 2023

Zuzelle Ramos ’23

The University Libraries is pleased to announce that Zuzelle Ramos has received the Chancellor’s Brenda W. Kirby Award in recognition of her work to create a community of cooperation and service between students and the University Libraries.

During her time as an Undergraduate Library service desk assistant, Ramos has gone above and beyond her normal duties. She served two years on the Student Library Advisory Board, advising on spending priorities for a student-funded endowment, sharing feedback with Library administration, and advocating for undergraduate student needs. Last year, Ramos also served on the search committee for the Vice Provost of the University Libraries and University Librarian.

“Zuzelle bridges the relationship between students and constituents of the larger University with her work alongside the University Library staff to ensure that DEI is part of all spaces in Carolina,” according to the award citation. Ramos has been an active member of the OverDrive Brainstorming Team, which curates the Libraries’ popular digital collection with diversity and inclusion as guiding principles. Conversations with Ramos were a catalyst for the idea to form the OverDrive Brainstorming Committee.

Reflecting on Ramos’ contributions, Head of the R.B. House Undergraduate Library Suchi Mohanty wrote, “Zuzelle’s engagement with the campus at large, her ability to think about the big picture, and her selfless service are all elements of what we consider the ideal graduating Carolina student to be.”