Dive into women’s history with the University Libraries

March 1, 2023

The University Libraries celebrates Women’s History Month with a tour of women’s history at UNC-Chapel Hill, an exhibit on Black Feminism and a display on women in music.

Climbing The Hill: Women in the history of UNC online exhibit

Climbing the Hill explores women’s experiences as students, workers, and community members on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus. The exhibit illuminates women’s progress and resilience while recognizing remaining inequalities. It was originally curated by students in a seminar taught by associate professor of history Katherine Turk.

The exhibit has been adapted into a tour, which you can navigate in person or virtually. The online exhibit and tour include photo galleries and recommendations for further learning.

Engage with Black Feminism at the Stone Center Library

The Stone Center Library is marking Women’s History Month with an exhibit of books from the collection. It takes its title from a quote by Black feminist and poet Audre Lord: “’If I didn’t define myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies of me and eaten alive’: The birth and evolution of Black Feminism.”

The exhibit highlights the intersection of race and gender. Books featured in the exhibit shed light on the hardships women of color face and highlight their achievements despite those challenges. Visitors can also get recommendations for podcasts such as “Black Women Rising,” “The Roxane Gay Agenda” and “Zora’s Daughters.” Stop by the Stone Center Library to view the exhibit and learn more.

Learn about women musicians and composers at the Music Library

During Women’s History Month, the Music Library will feature materials by women musicians and composers, with items selected from the Music Library and the Southern Folklife Collection. After visiting the display, check out the accompanying playlist on Spotify!

Women’s History in the Federal Depository collection

Document from the Federal Women's Program at the Department of the Treasury. Text at the top of the image reads "Women's Work." The center of the page depicts leaders in the movement for women's rights. Text at the bottom reads, "the rest is up to you."A collection of government brochures about women in the work place. They are brightly colored and cover topics such as Sexual Harrassment, Family & Medical Leave, pregnancy Discrimination, Working Mothers, Women's Apprenticeships and equal employment efforts.Six brochures from the U.S. Department of Labor covering topics related to women's employment.

As a Federal Depository Library, the University Libraries hold government information so that it can be accessed freely by the public. During Women’s History Month, a display in Davis Library brings showcases publications from several agencies, including the Women’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor, which advocates for women’s rights in and out of the workplace.