Davis Library to pilot study zones

August 16, 2022

A pilot project launching this semester will establish study zones throughout Davis Library. Each of the eight floors will be designated according to the expected noise level.  

The idea for study zones arose in response to student feedback. Library staff conducted listening sessions, whiteboard polling and other outreach in order to provide a range of options and environments for study and research.

The zones are as follows:

  • Collaborative Study Zones: 1st floor, 2nd floor (Hamilton Hall side)  
    Suitable for talk at a conversational volume to facilitate group work and studying.
  • Considerate Study Zones: 2nd floor (Union side), 3rd floor, 4th floor, 5th floor, 7th floor, 8th floor  
    Well-suited for anyone seeking a quieter place to study and work, but one in which low-volume conversation is acceptable.
  • Silent Study Zone: 6th floor  
    Best for those seeking absolute quiet.

Expectations for these volume zones are guidelines and not official policy. Library personnel will not enforce noise-level expectations.  

Look soon for signage labeling the various study zones. 

For questions, contact Karina Soni, outreach projects librarian. You can also text feedback to 919-928-5300.