Celebrate National Library Week April 3-9 with Carolina bookshelf stickers

April 1, 2022

This National Library Week (April 3-9, 2022), show your love for your favorite Carolina branch library with an illustrated bookshelf sticker.

Graphic designer Nicole Basile, a member of the University Libraries’ communications team, created the bookshelves. She and Aleah Howell, who leads creative work for the team, were inspired by artist Jane Mount’s Ideal Bookshelf project.

Feature image of Your Library Bookshelf Project showing illustrated books on a shelf

Basile had already created stickers depicting the University Libraries’ iconic buildings: Wilson Special Collections Library, Davis Library, the Undergraduate Library and the Health Sciences Library. But how to represent libraries and collections that don’t have a dedicated facility?

“The building stickers had a lot of personality, and the bookshelves were an extension of that. Aleah and I thought we could use the books and bookshelves to capture the personality of each of library and tell the story of all they have to offer,” said Basile.

Creating the stickers was a collaborative effort. Subject experts identified titles to indicate the range of materials each library covers. Basile then whittled down the lists to create manageable and representative bookshelves. You can preview the designs below and follow links to information about each one in the Library’s online database

There are two ways to claim your favorite bookshelf:

  • Stop by our National Library Week tabling event outside Davis Library on Monday, April 4 between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. (Bonus: there will be cookies until supplies run out.)
  • Visit your favorite branch library during National Library Week to pick up the sticker that represents it, or find the whole selection of stickers at the front desks in Davis Library and the Undergraduate Library.

Do you have a favorite? Tag us on social media: @UNCLibrary. Happy National Library Week!


The Kenan Science Library and Makerspace

Illustrated shelf of 12 books from the KSL

Curated by Therese Triumph and Tricia Maloney

Learn more about the Kenan Science Library

The Media and Design Center

Illustrated shelf of 12 DVDs and Audiobooks from the MDC

Curated by Katelyn Ander and Winifred Metz

Learn more about the Media and Design Center

Music Library

Illustrated shelf of 12 books from the Music Library

Curated by Phillip Vandermeer and Diane Steinhaus

Learn more about the Music Library

SILS Library

Illustrated shelf of 12 books from the SILS Library

Curated by Kenny Jones and Rebecca Vargha

Learn more about the SILS Library

The Sloane Art Library

Illustrated shelf of 12 books from the Art Library

Curated by Josh Hockensmith, Sasha Deyneka, Kayla Olsen, and Annie Fisher

Learn more about the Sloane Art Library

Stone Center Library

Illustrated shelf of 12 books from the Stone Center Library

Curated by Gregg Moore

Learn more about the Stone Center Library