Try the New Mobile-Friendly Library Catalog

June 18, 2019

It’s easier than ever to use the University Libraries’ catalog, including when you’re on the go. After several months of testing, we’ve moved a new catalog interface into full production. Try a search and experience:

  • Mobile-friendly displays. Whatever device you use, the interface will be easy to use and to read.
  • Duke, State and NCCU at your fingertips. Can’t find what you need at Carolina’s libraries? With one click, you can repeat your search in the catalogs of our partners in the Triangle Research Libraries Network. One more click, plus your Onyen, and you can request that item from other libraries be sent to Carolina for you to use right here.
  • Better accessibility. The new catalog adheres to best practices for accessibility, providing a better experience for anyone using screen readers or other assistive technologies. Plus, there’s a cleaner, streamlined display for everyone.

Searching library catalog on cell phone

The new catalog reflects a multi-year collaboration by librarians at Carolina and other members of the Triangle Research Libraries Network. It uses open-source technology designed specifically to help libraries make research easier.

Even with extensive testing, there may still be a few rough spots. If you need help using the new catalog or would like to report a problem, please use our catalog feedback form.

Happy searching!

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