Student Employees Win Appreciation Awards

April 13, 2018

Undergraduate students Sam DeHority, Brooke Fisher, Rebecca Griffin and Jordan Van Hoy are the recipients of Student Employee Appreciation Awards for their exemplary work at University Libraries.

Each year, the Library and the Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB) present the awards on the basis of excellent customer service, leadership in the workplace, integrity, attitude, work ethic, initiative or passion. Nominees must be currently enrolled undergraduate students and must have been working for the Library for at least four semesters.

This year’s recipients were recognized at a staff meeting on April 10. Each will also receive $500 from a SLAB endowment.

The Library thanks and congratulates each of the 2017-2018 awardees:

Sam DeHority, class of 2018, Kenan Science Library, for his attentive problem-solving and teaching

Sam DeHority

Sam DeHority

According to his supervisor, Tricia Maloney, DeHority “came to the Kenan Science Library the summer after his freshman year with no related work experience and a passion for 3D printing.” In the three years since then, he has proven himself to be an invaluable employee—approachable, knowledgeable and a great problem solver.

Maloney says that DeHority is a natural teacher who is skilled at breaking down complicated processes and making them easier to understand.

“His ease with people and interest in 3D printing really shines when he gives impromptu tours of our space,” Maloney says. “If someone comes in intimidated by the space, I can always see they are put at ease and eager to return after talking to Sam.”

As an offshoot of his work at the Kenan Science Library makerspace, DeHority was part of the first executive committee for the Maker-in-Residence program, a project to pair skilled makers with undergraduate students interested in learning how to design and build.

DeHority will attend graduate school in the fall, says Maloney. “I sincerely hope that we have passed positive work advice on to Sam that will help him in the future. He’s passed a lot on to us.”

Brooke Fisher, class of 2019, Media Resources Center, for her dedication and exemplary service

Brooke Fisher

Brooke Fisher

Fisher’s work at the Media Resources Center (MRC) in the R.B. House Undergraduate Library benefits patrons and staff alike. Katelyn Ander, Fisher’s supervisor, cites Fisher’s knowledge and her patience in helping patrons with tasks such as editing videos or using the library catalog.

Fisher prefers to show patrons how to do something, rather than simply telling them the answer, says Ander, because she wants to expand the knowledge of others and give them tools that they will be able to use on their own.

Ander also praises Fisher’s dedication and dependability. “Brooke has eagerly worked three 8 a.m. shifts per week every semester that she has been employed at the MRC, and she still arrives early for each and every one of those shifts!”

“Brooke is a wonderful employee, student, and, most importantly, person,” Ander says. “She makes the MRC a more welcoming, enjoyable, and informative place to be, not only for our patrons but also for her coworkers and supervisors.”

Rebecca Griffin, class of 2018, Music Library, for her commitment, leadership and work ethic

In four years as an employee at the Music Library, Griffin has become an indispensable part of the staff. From preparing materials for cataloging, to meticulous searching of records, to shelving books and helping review the work of new student employees, Griffin approaches every project with enthusiasm and cheerfulness, says her supervisor, Carrie Monette.

“She cheerfully undertakes any task, no matter how small,” says Monette, even down to running errands and sharpening “every pencil in the bin” for library users to make notes with.

Monette also says that Griffin “exhibits a rare intuitiveness” about communicating with new library visitors, who find her patient, calm, welcoming and approachable.

“She is, without question, one of the most outstanding University Libraries student employees imaginable,” Monette said. “Rebecca represents the very best of the UNC Library System.”

Jordan Van Hoy, class of 2018, Special Collections Conservation Lab, for her technical skills, knowledge and reliability

Jordan Van Hoy

Jordan Van Hoy

As a student assistant in the conservation lab at the Wilson Special Collections Library, Van Hoy works with materials that require careful handling. By performing tasks such as mending tears in documents or creating custom boxes for fragile books, Van Hoy ensures that these items will be here for researchers long into the future.

Jan Paris, Van Hoy’s supervisor, says Van Hoy’s skills have grown and improved over her more than six semesters in the lab. “Jordan has developed a good eye and the ability to assess which documents require treatment. This distinction is often subtle, and Jordan’s ability to make it is extremely important.”

Paris says that with Van Hoy’s enthusiasm, attention to detail and strong work ethic, the lab has been able to prepare materials for several digitization projects, in addition to regular workflows.

Jordan “cheerfully takes on even the least glamorous tasks, such as mold removal on archival collections arriving from storage in a basement or barn,” says Paris. “When she graduates in May, we will be very happy for her, but it will be a loss for the conservation lab!”

Thank you, Sam, Brooke, Rebecca and Jordan, for your outstanding work!

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