Five Reasons to Give $5 to Carolina’s Libraries for GiveUNC

April 9, 2018
Cassie Hazell

Junior Cassie Hazell has five good reasons for you to give $5 to the Libraries for GiveUNC

April 10 is GiveUNC, a day of action for Tar Heels everywhere to give back to Carolina.

 At the University Libraries, we’re looking for 100 students to give $5 each. And who better to explain why you should than one of our student employees. Cassie Hazell is a junior public relations major from Hendersonville, North Carolina, who works in the Library’s communications office. Here’s her advice.


On April 10, Carolina will kick off GiveUNC. I’ll be donating $5 to the University Libraries and I think you should, too. I know what you’re thinking. “Why should I? I already pay tuition. Why should I give more?” Well, if the warm and fuzzy feeling created by being philanthropic isn’t enough to make you part with your hard-earned money, here are five ways that Carolina’s libraries support students:

1. We don’t judge you for sleeping in public

Whether it’s because you have a physics test tomorrow and you need a quick nap to make it through your all-nighter or because you just really, really hate your roommate, sometimes your best and only option is to sleep in the UL. We don’t judge. In fact, we are truly impressed that you were so committed to sleeping here that you brought a blanket and a pillow pet, or that you can sleep in a position that looks like you’ve dislocated your shoulder, or that you fell asleep sitting up. We’re here for whatever you need, and if what you need is to pass out in a public place at 2 a.m., we got you.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud is a nightmare

Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the best software suites for film editing, graphic design, sound mixing and web design. However, if you’ve never used it before, trying to figure it out on your own can bring frustration on par with trying to find a seat in Lenoir during the lunch rush or watching Virginia play basketball. It’s not fun and it ultimately results in disappointment. Luckily, the Media Resources Center in the basement of the Undergraduate Library has experts who can help you create a political ad or short film, even if the only editing software you’ve ever used is Flipagram.

3. We bring you puppies during finals

Who doesn’t love puppies? Probably Dook fans, but they also get hype to Everytime We Touch, so their judgment is clearly not great. The point is, when you’re stressed from finals and your GPA is lower than tripping opponents in a basketball game, we bring you some 12/10 doggos to make life less difficult and bring a little happiness to finals week. At least until you have to take your ECON 101 exam.

4. Research advice

Neil Gaiman once said: “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.” Gaiman is a very smart man who wrote a book about graveyards that I highly recommend, and he’s right. Google is great, but it doesn’t always give you the answer you need. Our librarians are well trained in the art of research, and they can always help you find the answer you need. As an added bonus, librarians don’t keep track of your location, shopping habits, age, hobbies or browsing data.

5. Two words: free movies

The Library pays for different streaming services so you don’t have to—films, documentaries and even the PBS Nova series are all available for students to watch online. There are also thousands of movies for checkout at the Media Resources Center. Are you having an argument with your friend about who was the best Spider-Man? You’re in luck! We have all seven versions so you can figure out that it’s unequivocally Tom Holland. Blockbuster is dead, but you can still borrow from the MRC!

$5 can make a difference! Help make GiveUNC a success with a $5 gift to YOUR library.


Give UNC 4/10/18


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