Discover Davis Library

January 10, 2018

Eight floors, great views, literally millions of books. But don’t stop there! There’s so much more to discover in Davis Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Perfect study spot (with treadmill desks!)? We have that. Technology-rich Research Hub? Yep, that too. And, of course, the friendly, attentive staff. They are ready to see you through your first college paper or to guide you through the trickiest advanced research project. Discover Davis Library!

Things to discover at Davis Library:

  1. Eight floors. Millions of books.
  2. Study rooms with a view and treadmill desks.
  3. Technology-rich Research Hub with interactive Google Earth display.
  4. A basement filled with over three million government documents such as national park resources and unique maps.
  5. Research consultations to kick-start a paper or project.

Discover Davis Library is the first video in our Discover UNC Libraries video series.

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