Congratulations to 2016 University Library Outstanding Employees Gregg Moore,  Kim Allen, and Matt Jansen

March 7, 2017

This is an archival post originally published on March 7, 2017.

The University Library has awarded its 2016 Outstanding Employee Award to Gregg Moore of the Stone Center Library for Black Culture and History. Honorable mentions went to Kim Allen of Resource Description and Management and Matt Jansen of Digital Research Services.

The award, presented at a recent event for Library staff, honors a University Library employee for excellence in one or more of the following categories: Community Service Activity, Commitment and Dependability, Creativity and Innovation and Teamwork and Leadership.

Gregg Moore, interim branch manager of the Stone Center Library, is the 2016 Outstanding Employee, honored for the commitment, teamwork, leadership and aplomb he has shown while making contributions throughout the University Library and taking on extra responsibilities at the Stone Center Library. During the past four years, Gregg has twice assumed the duties of the Stone Center Librarian when that position became vacant. Gregg’s talents and unflagging commitment, his excellence as a supervisor, and his rich relationships with faculty have ensured the continuing success of the Stone Center Library. Gregg has also remained active in the larger life of the University Library, serving on numerous committees and the SHRA Forum.

Kim Allen, administrative assistant for Resource Description and Management, was nominated for her generosity, commitment, initiative and team spirit. Although Kim’s position calls for her to work in only one department, colleagues across the Library know Kim for her technological expertise, her willingness to assist with projects and her readiness to test software and operating system rollouts. Kim is always eager to train colleagues in using applications. She creates documentation and invests as much time as necessary to teach others what they want and need to know. Her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge is of immense benefit to her colleagues and the Library.

Matt Jansen, data analyst for Digital Research Services, was nominated for his commitment, teamwork, creativity and cheerfulness in helping colleagues and library users. Matt demonstrates creative problem-solving skills in his consultations with patrons, offering them individually tailored solutions for organizing their data. With his excellent statistical and scripting skills, he solves thorny problems and creates efficiencies. His nominators noted that Matt continually enhances his knowledge about GIS tools, data analysis, data management and data visualization, even while pursuing an MS in statistics and working full-time. Matt’s skills, helpful attitude, congeniality, and strong work ethic have been critical to many successful projects, particularly in the Davis Library Research Hub and the Collections and Spaces Planning Group.

Congratulations to Gregg, Kim, and Matt!

Photograph by Fred Stipe